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massive roomscale immersion

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About the game

  • Currently up to four players can play together! (soon to be eight per session)

  • Created for children and adults

  • Our revolutionary six point tracking system is one of the first ever worldwide

  • The experience is based off of the graphic novel Scarygirl by Nathan JureviciusCu

  • Currently, Scarygirl VR is only available in Toronto for a limited time.

  • Due to equipment restrictions the experience requires a minimum height of 4’8”

the experience

We provide the ultimate 1:1 scale free roam virtual reality experience. Through our advanced technology, which incorporates our 6-point tracking system you will be equipped with our precise markers on your entire body that translates into you seeing your animated self move in real time. Our methods eliminate the very common ‘VR sickness’ that many have experienced in other facilities, so you are able to dive into the animated world of Scarygirl.

Gather friends and family and share this unforgettable immersive experience together. You and your squad will be simulated into the world with full body avatars, allowing you to see and interact with each other as you progress through the game.  It is a full sensory experience that incorporates directional audio, haptic feedback from the weapon is combined with motion tracking and beautiful three dimensional worlds to explore.

An experience like nothing else